How to brew a tea correctly?

We want to carry a message, – kratom should be better brewed, but not be eaten fresh, chewed with some water. And also a few important words about hygiene, tea and handwashing.

Tea is grown in highlands and plains of India, Sri Lanka, China and in other countries of South-East Asia. A sort of kratom depends on fermentation, conditions of collection, drying, storing. But now that’s not the point. Important part of pleasure from this plant is his brewing: сorrectly amount of tea, tableware, water temperature, brewing time, the general atmosphere. It’s not simple, but virtuous circle. As a result, you will get delicious and useful refreshing tea, you will switch your thoughts into “here and now” while his preparation.

But why specifically brewing is the preference across all cultures? The answer for this question is covered not only in the ritual. Using this method the alkaloids from tea are extracted from the leaves into the water. And we’re getting the drink exactly charged by plant.

But why precisely this method is accepted for using in the whole world, but not, for example, eating the handful of the ground leaves?

The main point is not only in the aesthetics or the inconvenience of eating up of dry leaves. But also in the hygiene. Exactly hygiene – when we usually wash up our hands before eating, and when we come out of that bathroom. We wash our bodies after a working day or after the intensive training. We even wipe the keyboard of notebook by special DataFlash sprey.

The reason of such behaviour is – bacteria is everywhere. Such behaviour is quite normal. There are milliards of them on us and even a few kilograms of them in us, we live with them in symbiosis. But this balance can be broken even by unwashed hands. Especially in hot countries. Who was in Asia, knows about importance of clean hands and clean drinking-water.

Let’s go back to the tea. We hope, now you already found the answer for yourself according to the question: why the tea should be brewed. Not only the usual Chinese green or Indian black tea should be brewed. Ethnic teas and plants during the history of their usage had got a few recipes of preparation too.This applies to Guarana, Muira-Puama (Potency wood) and Kratom too. All of them had different methods of brewing.

Let’s stay focused on Kratom. For example, in Malaysia fresh leaves traditionally are boiling a few hours in water and then spilled portionwise. In Thailand leaves are chewed, but are not swallowed. In Indonesia the ground tea is brewed by boiled water or cooked with fresh leaves. It means, that leaves go through thermal process, they have not be eaten fresh.

In Western countries, on the other hand, there is a habit to mix up Kratom with juice or yogurt, or even just wash leaves down with water. It, foremost, is related to the all accelerated rhythm of life and all increasing consumption. When people do not have time for themselves, for their body and health. The main focus of attention is on social networks and gadgets “branded” by marketing specialists. We consider that technologies are cool and natural on this stage of development of humanity. But we should not forget about nature as an integral part of us. We believe, you should consider more carefully to the questions of brewing the Kratom. For an experiment, certainly, you can try different variants.

Why is it, however, better to brew?

Firstly, the haste fully kills any aesthetics and atmosphere of preparation. Secondly, for some people the swallowing of leaves can cause the intestinal irritation. Thirdly, every organism is individual. And the amount of bacterium, that present naturally on leaves, can cause stomachache, sometimes diarrhea with colics. Do not forget that Kratom is an exotic tea from countries with an equatorial, humid tropical climate. And it, as well as any traditional tea, should be better to be brewed with boiling water or even water warmed up to 90 degrees centigrade. Our favourite recipe is: 1/3 teaspoons of tea, 250 ml of water warmed up to 90 degrees centigrade. We add the lemon wedge or its juice, piece of fresh ginger. When it cools off up to 40 degrees, put some honey. We have got fully acceptable taste and aroma! This variant allows to do maximally correct tea. You will be 100 % sure, that there are no undesirable microorganisms in your tea. Another recipe: to boil thoroughly Kratom for 1-3 minutes on a small fire, adding the slice of ginger, a pair of seeds of cardamom, piece of star anise and seed of fennel as you wish. Very comfortably and atmospheric, when you do it in a saucepan for a few gathering friends. We are sure, they will appreciate the taste and aroma of the tea.

We wish you to enjoy favourite tea, to experiment with new recipes and do not forget about the personal hygiene;)