Top Kratom

Kratom Maengda – is a variety, growing in Indonesia and Thailand, with its bitter taste and intense effect.

Kratom Malaysia – its range extends has even gotten into its name. It has a slightly bitter flavour and a softer prolonged effect.

Kratom Thai Elephant – this variety has a larger leaf than the other sorts. It grows mainly in the jungles of Thailand and Malaysia. It has more stimulating and milder effect. This is extremely important to maintain the correct dosage and brewing method.

Kratom Gold – this variety belongs to the category of the sort of red kratom, although it has a golden color while de-greening. It has a strong effect. It’s pleasant, relaxing. Bitter taste is barely felt.

Kratom Borneo is one of the most famous varieties. It has strong effect. It is used to relief of chronic pain, for relaxation and soothing.

Kratom Sumatra – is a non-standard variety, from the island of the same name – of Sumatra. It is remarkable for its antidepressant effect and acceptable taste.

Horned Kratom – named in this way, thanks to the shape of the leaf, which has small “horns” around the perimeter. It is a strong enough variety, with a mild and prolonged effect.

Kratom Hybrid – selectively grown variety from other Malaysian and Thai varieties. So it has combined the best of all the other varieties. It can be used both for those who want a light effect of calmness and a burst of creative energy, and for relaxation.


follow the recommended portion norms;
brew with boiling water like tea.