Stop panic. The coronavirus is not passed in parcels!

Many our clients lately take interest is it possible to be infected the coronavirus from our parcels?

We answer: that is out of question. Our parcels are fully safe. Epidemiologists report that a virus doesn’t live out of the infected organism long time. It can infect other people only during 24-48 hours, but mostly it dies in a few hours.

In addition, the virus needs for a survival an appropriate moist environment.

There is no chance even in theory to be infected through the objects delivered by a parcel. Do not forget also that we haven’t parcels from China. We deliver our teas, including kratom, from Malaysia and Indonesia.

The World Health Organization reported that it is safe to receive the letters and parcels from China. There is no risk of infection the coronavirus.

It is safely to get parcels and letters from China, where the spread of the new coronavirus 2019 – nCoV began. The World Health Organization reported about it in its official Twitter

“According to the last analyses, we know that coronavirus doesn’t live long on such objects, as letters or parcels”, – stated in the World Health Organization. As follows from researches of the World Health Organization, the coronavirus doesn’t live long out of the organism. Therefore, there is no risk of infection, – explained in organization.

We recommend you to trust only the information from the official validated sources, such as the World Health Organization.

As soon as new data in this area will appear, we will inform you about it at once. Until then, we can be absolutely sure, that our parcels are safe and will not bring harm to you.