• How can I buy the kratom tea from your shop?

In our shop its really very easy to make a purchase. Follow the next recommendations and you will get everything you wish from our site

. If you have any problems with your order even after the previous steps, than Contact us our manager will surely help you.

  • When will I get my purchase?

We will do our best to pack and send your order as fast as we can. But the total time of the shipment depends on your country and  the shipping company, you want to. Frequently, it takes for 1-2 business days for shipping. If it would be longer, they will inform you.

  • How should I pay for my purchase?

The client could pay for our goods in convenient way, while placing the order. Money automatically get into our ballance and we send your your order.

  • Сan I exchange or return the order if it isn’t appropriate?

We pack our goods in individual sealed packagings. Each our order we form seperately. So, in the case of opening the package, or damaging the packing, we will not take it back, as its your personal order. Please, look attentively through all the information on our site, pay attantion on detailes to get really needful purchase.

  • What will I get: would my kratom powder be like on the fotos, is there any box or a bag for it?

Kratom powder is really like on the fotos. The intensity of the powders color depends on its type and name. You will get the type, you want to, we guarantee.

We pack our tea into the leafproof bags, then put it into the paper eco bag. The package is hard, safe and elegant.

  • Have you any suggestions for its usage?

We have a lot of information on our site. These datum are presented with the purpose to enhance your knowledge in this area. Everyone has a right to decide how to use our product.  We don’t take a responsibility for the actions of clients.

  • Are there any promotions and discounts?

We constantly have a free shipping discount for orders over 120 Euro. Follow our website and you will be informed of all promotions and discounts on our products.

  • I’m not sure my order is accepted?

If you filled and placed the order form correctly, we will get it automatically. To be really sure, you can contact us, and our manager will confirm your order and details.

  • Can I order a big pack of kratom tea powder?

Now we have different packs from 100gramms to kilo and more. Follow our site, we request our cliens, so it can be variations. Contact us and we will solve your situation, doing all our best.